Duon takes the initiative in eco-friendly ways of energy consumption by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping customers save energy cost. Duon provides the Energy Diagnosis service which figures out problematic factors of wasting energy and presents a reasonable model for energy use. Duon’s own resources and technologies have turned out ESCO Project. Duon aims to build a future where people and nature can coexist in peace.

Energy Diagnosis
Energy Diagnosis to improve energy efficiency

A professional institute for energy diagnosis, which owns energy experts with technical skills, examines whole building e.g. conditions of energy use and causes of energy loss, so that it can present the optimal suggestion for energy saving. Energy Diagnosis is a technical consulting service for optimum energy efficiency.

EMTA Precision Energy Diagnosis
Advanced Precision Energy Diagnosis for energy saving

This technology simultaneously measures/observes energy use patterns in all processes, which facilitates the energy diagnosis to trace the flow of energy use and to precisely analyse state of energy use. Any facilities, to be applied by EMTA System, will be found out latent factors of unnecessary energy loss and eventually experience a totally new energy saving solutions ever.

* EMTA: Energy Measuring Tracking Analysis

ESCO Energy Saving Business
Effective energy saving by consulting with
a professional energy solution company

When energy users cannot decide whether to renovate or replace the existing energy facilities because of financial burden and poor technical knowledge, a professional energy consulting company may make an investment on their behalf and help them effectively save energy.
Customers can receive not only onetime energy diagnosis but also total energy consulting service how to save energy cost in substance, based on the diagnosis result. Energy efficiency improvement and energy cost saving will eventually contribute to company profit.

Why is Duon ESCO!?