Duon, the reliable partner for electric/firefighting work

Duon, which has successfully carried out design and construction management for over 25 years, is truly confident with own knowhow and expertise in electric work, firefighting construction work, information & communication facilities work as well as high quality customer service.

Electric work
Duon’s electrical construction work

Electric power equipment for buildings
  • Electric work for new apartments
  • Electric work for new construction, rebuilding or extension of building
  • Electric work for sports complex and shopping complex
  • Power distribution for buildings
  • Power distribution for rails
Lighting equipment
  • Electric work for interior lighting and improvement of intensity illuminate
  • Installation of streetlamps and energy-saving lighting
  • Installation of special purpose lighting
  • Infrastructure
Power substation
  • New construction or extension of power substation
  • New construction or extension of power equipment, IT facilities and firefighting equipment construction
  • Solar power plant construction, renewable energy plant construction
  • Thermoelectric power plant
Firefighting work

Duon guarantees reasonable cost and reliable construction by using advanced equipment and skilled workforce. Duon’s firefighting work will protect customer’s life and property.

Duon’s firefighting work
Houses, apartments, public facilities, industrial plants, maintenance and upkeep, firefighting equipment
  • Alarm facilities
  • Extinguishment facilities
  • Digestive activity equipment
  • Escape equipment
  • Integrated control systems
Telecommunication facilities work

Precision construction work by skilled and experienced engineers will optimize the cutting edge of telecommunication facilities. Duon has accumulated a wide range of management of security system and railway telecommunication facilities work, which will facilitate differentiated management solutions of Duon.

Duon’s IT facilities work
Structured cabling system, PA system, Master antenna television system, Safety devices
  • Line facility construction
  • Transmission facility construction, CCTV installation
  • Alarm facilities, security system