Manufacture & Distribution
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Duon keeps trying to develop and improve technologies and products with the benefit of advanced system of manufacture and distribution. Duon’s unique and advanced technologies can be found in different products and service such as ‘Adgreencoat’, globally patented heat shield paint, ‘e-Play’ to report energy usage data of a building on dashboard, ‘Hot line washing Uni-cleaning’ to clean contaminated equipment.

High-performance premium heat shield coat, Adgreencoat
Adgreencoat saves the electric charges by 30%

Adgreencoat is a globally patented coating system that saves energy costs and simultaneously works eco-friendly by reducing CO2 output. Adgreencoat effectively reduces air-conditioning cooling load by 18% or up to 93%.

What is Adgreencoat?


NCK Global Paint Pte. Ltd. and Admatechs jointly invented. Patented material Admafine(special ceramic) works to shield heat in paint used in building.


Fine silica particles shuts off light, heat and ultraviolet rays of sun, which keeps cooling down indoor temperature


  • CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council), USA
  • JIS 5675 (heat shield coat), Japan


  • International Patent: WO2006/104290A1
  • Korean Patent: 10-1561567
Feature of Adgreencoat

High reflectivity

With no less than 93% reflectivity Adgreencoat is the best reflective coating available on the market.

Lowest construction cost

Only 2 times thin layer coating will guarantee heat shield effect.

Energy cost saving

Using Adgreencoat, you will not only decrease indoor temperature by 4-5°C but also drastically save at least 30% on your electricity costs
    Ex. Before Adgreencoat 28-30°C/ after 24-25°C

Best durability

  • Water repellent
  • To increase durability of waterproof membrane of rooftop
  • Weatherproof test: 1,000 hours or longer
  • Onetime construction work will be effective for 10 years or longer
Where to apply Adgreencoat

Factory, Storage facilities, Residential area

To control the indoor temperature rise, saves electricity costs and improve eco-friendly environment

Power equipment, Telelcommunication facility

To prevent malfunctioning or breakdown of thermosensitive facilities and improves durability


Less use of insulation in refrigerated containers/trucks and reduction of cooling cost

Thermosensitive Fluid Plant

Highly water repellent, easy to keep clean, easy visual inspection thanks to no need for thermal insulator
Maximum Power Management Device
Save Energy Save Earth
Energy Saving Techonology!

Maximum Power Management Device facilitates an automatic control of maximum electric power by setpoint input. This may optimize the energy efficiency and save the electricity cost.
Duon’s affiliated company Donyang T.P.T has invented the Maximum Power Management Device, and Duon provides the best follow-up service after the installation work.

Feature of Maximum Power Management Device
  • Compact design
  • High resolution display LCD touch screen
  • Easy operation of input/output
  • Realization of PC-less system
  • Remote monitoring of power information by using smartphone
  • To store power demand data up to 5 years
  • Internet monitoring (16 concurrent connections possible)
  • To improve power control engine speed
  • To get Green Certification, certified highly efficient energy consumption rate
  • Differential control, variable setting control
  • To reduce piping work section, to save maintenance costs
  • Concurrent control of redundant equipment, maximization of function extension.
  • More than 2 manufacturers can be controlled maximum electric power
  • Standing air conditioners compatible (able to control cooling and heating facilities)
  • Able to run parallel to RCU (Roadside Communication Unit)
  • Integrated monitoring and controlling possible in the same program
  • Gang control possible in open protocol
Energy use dashboard e-Play reports the most accurate energy information.

e-Play shows power usage data of the building at all times, which helps to figure out causes of unnecessary energy loss and to establish a reasonable energy usage model.

Feature of e-Play

Simple structure and design

  • User friendly interface and fine design
  • Easy to catch the variation of energy usage with color code

Accessible and convenient

  • Wireless installation, easy set-up
  • Operated by remote control
  • Unnecessary to install a computer server on the spot, easy to maintain, infrequent after-service
  • Automatic system update
  • Intuitive interface program, fool-proof handling

Security assurance

  • To utilize customer’s own IT system networks
Duon’s unique hot line cleaning system gives you an opportunity to experience such an innovative cleaning technology for electric facilities.

Major appliances in the power receiving room shouldn’t be power cut even during cleaning to prevent malfunction and productivity loss. Duon’s Uni-Cleaning applies insulating solution to electric equipment to clean up dust and fine pollutant under hot line condition without power outage. Uni-Cleaning is special cleaning solution which reduces a risk of fire and improves mechanical functions. It is such a fast, safe and innovative cleaning solution.

Functionality of Uni-Cleaning
  • Hot line cleaning
  • Disassembling and cleaning of the fine parts
  • Technical meticulous cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning
Effectiveness of Uni-Cleaning
  • Cost-effective operation without power cut
  • To prevent malfunction and to improve operation efficiency
  • To increase work efficiency and productivity
  • To protect equipment and improve durability
  • To make safe working environment and prevent safety accidents
Target facilities of Uni-Cleaning

Low/high-voltage electric facilities

Electric generator, Indoor/Outdoor Switchgear, Control panel, Distribution board etc.

Electronic Telecommunication facilities

Subway operation facility, High-speed railroad, Large multi-purpose building control facility, UPS(uninterrupted power supply), Server room, Mobile communication equipment, Elevator control panel etc.