Special Diagnostics & ENG
Duon is confident with its reliable and differentiated energy diagnosis

As a patient may hesitate to consult with an unexperienced doctor, energy facilities diagnostics to facilitate all the process should definitely rely on a professional energy diagnostics company with extensive experiences. Duon helps customers establish countermeasures to maintain the optimum conditions of energy facilities by preliminary inspection of different checklist such as wears and tears, goodness of fit tests, troubling elements of electrical installation.

Special Precision Diagnostics
25 years’ knowhow and expertise in electric power facilities and electricity

Duon’s Special Precision Diagnostics not only identifies problems of facilities but also conducts the comprehensive functional analysis of them, so that it can present management guidelines and methods for future optimization of facilities.

Fault current diagnostic analysis system

  • New buildings
  • New electric power facilities
  • Electrical load
  • Replacement of electric power facilities

Antistatic diagnosis

  • Electrostatic fire
  • Business sites of explosion hazards
  • Business sites where production yield rate and static electricity are closed related with each other

Harmonic measures diagnosis

  • Different areas to suffer from electromagnetic waves or harmonics
  • Areas to accommodate electric power facilities/ IT center/ steelworks/ rectifier or inverter

Cultural properties electrical safety diagnosis

  • Museums, exhibition halls, cultural assets, cultural properties
  • Buildings worth preserving

Lightning protection measures diagnosis

  • Business sites to be likely damaged by an electrical surge

Electrical safety diagnosis of amusement park equipment

  • Leisure facilities for the public where customer safety comes first

Precision equipment safety diagnosis

  • Electric transformer/ high-voltage motors/ circuit breaker/ power cable/ high-voltage capacitor, iron tower/ current transformer etc.

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Safety Diagnosis for Laboratories
Dongyang T.P.T., South Korea’s leading safety diagnosis company, carries out differentiated safety inspections of laboratories.

Laboratories, where hazardous experiments and confidential research projects often take place, should be inspected by a professional safety diagnosis company. Duon has advanced technical skills and knowhow from 25 years’ experiences.

Inspection items for laboratories
Universities, colleges, science and technology institutes, national research institutes, company affiliated research centres etc.
  • To inspect highly accurate research equipment, various hazardous materials, physical complex structure
  • To provide onsite inspection for a scientific and reasonable safety management system and to suggest a customized safety management guideline
  • To inspect comprehensive safety management of electricity, fire, hygiene, chemical attack, machinery, gas, handling of dangerous materials etc.
  • To present reasonable and effective safety measures
Diagnosis for Electric Power Equipment
Duon offers the most affordable and maximum effective electric power equipment for engineering.

Regular precision diagnosis is essential for the stable and effective management of electric power equipment. Duon has professional knowledge and expertise in electric power equipment and Duon’s talented engineers are capable to utilize the precision measurement equipment. Duon is confident to help customers establish countermeasures to optimize electric power equipment and produce maximum performance.

Accident survey and restoration work
To carry out precise accident survey and prevention diagnosis in case of electrical fire and electric shock

Duon investigates the exact cause of the accident by technical approaching as well as electrical engineering analysis. Also, Duon presents prevention plans, optimized for the electric power equipment of the customer.

Precise accident survey
Business sites to have suffered from electric accidents by unknown causes, Business sites to wish to prevent the recurrence of accidents
  • Duon carries out the precise accident survey in cooperation with the Department of Safety Engineering of Seoul National University of Science and Technology.
Electrical fire survey and prevention diagnosis
All sites to store any combustible/explosive materials or any fire risk substances
Electrical shock survey and prevention diagnosis
Swimming pool, public parks, amusement parks, mineral water plants, bottling plants etc.
All sites where electrical shock accidents likely to happen
Design / Supervision
Low-cost, high-efficiency, optimum energy use environment

Duon provides planning/maintenance services of Design & Supervision to optimize the utilization of buildings, facilities and building sites. Duon’s technical skills and expertise, accumulated over the long time, will solve any legal, environmental, structural problems which the customers encounter.

To provide base line data for more logical and smarter design by reporting feasibility study
To closely intercommunicate between customers and builders and to present specific standards for construction period and necessary expenses
To supervise/inspect if the building construction is getting done exactly as designed and planned.
To instruct technical skills including quality assurance, building process, cost control etc.
  • Electric supervision
  • Firefighting supervision