Maintenance Service
Integrated maintenance solutions for customers’ real estate

Duon has offered professional property maintenance solutions to a wide range of real estate, such as public houses, apartment houses, public facilities, highly advanced smart buildings etc. for the last 25 years. Duon has expertise in integrated maintenance solutions including energy efficiency control and facilities management of all kinds of building and real estate, which helps increase the value of customers’ assets.

Facilities maintenance
Customer-friendly maintenance service
Duon Total Living Care will upgrade the quality of life of customer

Duon provides customized maintenance solutions by researching the purpose of buildings/facilities and conducting safety diagnosis. Advanced maintenance solutions and high tech equipment will optimize the maintenance service quality and value of property.

Facilities maintenance
  • Customers inquiries
  • Accounting
  • Safety
  • Defect management
Security service
Duon’s STRONG security service protects customers’ happiness.

Duon conducts security diagnosis on a monthly basis and demonstrates upon virtual scenario to protect customers’ lives and wealth. Every corner of the place e.g. lobby floors, restrooms, parks, landscape facilities, parking lots etc. will be under surveillance.

Cleaning service
Duon’s REFRESHING cleaning service will cheer up customers

Advanced cleaning equipment and skilful cleaning workforce will keep the place and facilities in best conditions.

Electrical safety management
Duon, South Korea’s leading professional company for electrical safety management

Since its foundation in 1991, Duon has accumulated technical knowhow in the field of electrical safety management and achieved great reputation for that. Duon has the leading-edge technology of electrical safety management for a wide range of facilities such as roads, bridges, subways, power plants, airports and other infrastructure as well as normal buildings.

What is the electrical safety management service?

Electric power equipment is so dangerous and complicated that ordinary people should not try to fix or manager by themselves. Owner of buildings/facilities can be offered to outsource a professional company which owns a pool of skilled and certified electrical engineers.

Duon’s differentiated electrical safety management service
Twenty-four seven service
  • Directly operated nationwide service centres and engineers available 24/7
  • Prompt dispatch in emergency
Certified technical engineers
  • To secure the biggest number of advanced test and measurement equipment
  • To early detect potential risk factors by using the advanced test and measurement equipment and to prevent possible accidents
  • To do regular inspection/test/measurement/analysis
Comprehensive service
  • To secure the biggest number of skilful technical engineers
  • To offer free renovation of leakage points and free change of old electric outlets
  • To offer one-stop service for overhaul, design, construction, supervision with appropriate certificates
Remote safety diagnosis
  • To offer unmanned remote monitoring via internet
  • To offer real time monitoring service and analysis system
  • To save electric charges up to 20% (optional service)
Fire Safety Management
Duon’s Fire safety management service is the most effective measure for fire prevention and life protection.

Special purpose facilities like firefighting equipment should be regularly and methodically taken care of. Duon’s fire safety management service is based on significant expertise and long term experiences.

What is the Fire Safety Management?

Owner of buildings/facilities may outsource a professional company which has expertise in fire safety and a pool of skilled workforce to maintain the optimum firefighting equipment. Duon inspects if the firefighting equipment is designed and maintained according to the fire laws and fire safety regulations. Fire safety management includes the fire protection work function checklist and the comprehensive precision inspection.

Duon’s fire safety management service
1st grade /2nd grade fire control object, public organizations, publicly used business facilities
  • To inspect firefighting equipment and related equipment
  • To inspect a shelter and fire extinguishing equipment
  • To inspect flame proof materials and fire protection performance
  • To inspect fire prone area or facilities